(1) Can you do a complete set of game ?

Yes ,of course .With our speciality in printing , plastic forming and over 20 professional game parts partners , we can manufacture almost any material related to game at a reasonable cost here.

 (2) What would be required to do a quote ?

For simple board/card game ,normallly total run quantity,components’ material,size,printing,etc  would be required to do a quote here .For detailed minaitures,2D(left,right,front,back side) or  3D drawings or physical prototypes,configuration way, color would be required for quotation purpose. 

 (3) How long does a quote take ?

Normally we would quote within 2-3 days for simple board/card game but would take longer for  complicated miniature games .

 (4) What’s your requirement for printing artwork and 3D files for custom tokens ?

For printing artworks ,normally we’d prefer .Ai and .Pdf format file in 300 dpi with 3-4mm bleeds ,all fonts has to be converted to curves/outlines  .

For 3D files,normally .stp,.igs format files are requested here for molding purposes.

 (5) How long to complete a whole project ?

Preproduction time:  1.Drafts based on artworks, within 3 days if all is fine but would be at least a week longer if need adjustments on artworks. 2.White sample and color proofs takes a week to prepare after confirmation of drafts

Mass produciton time is normally 30 days after confirmation of white samples and color proofs but may vary from the complexity of projects .

 (6) What’s your shipment term ?

Normally our shipment term is EXW ,CIF ,FOB but can also do DDP or DDU if requested .For shipment time , it takes about 3-4 weeks to the West Coast of  US and 4-6 weeks to Eurpoe and the East Coast of US.

 (7) What’s your tolerance for mass quantity?

While each time we strive to ensure enough quantity for mass ,there may be a tolerance of around 50 sets less products as sometimes defective components would be discarded due to our strict quality control process. On the other hand ,there may be 50sets more products as more material is applied to ensure enough quantity.Finly,the balance invoice will be based on the final delivery quantity.

 (8) Will my game quality be 100% good ?
While our production quality rate goal for every item is 100% ,there may still be several defected pcs due to human error.Anyway ,our historical record has approved 99% quality rate ,so you can also expect a similar result for your custom game .
 (9) How long can I expect a prototype ?
Normally within a week. However ,for those custom figurings that only have 2D drawings ,it would take longer time to make.
 (10) How do you make the color proofs ?
Unless specified by clients that the color proofs need to be printed by mass printing machine ,or normally the color proofs are made by digital machine which can ensure about 95%-98% color consistency as mass printing. However, cost for color go bys by mass printing machine can be expensive, so we’d suggest printing color proofs by digital machine normally .
 (11) How long does it take to deliver by Sea ?
Here are the main answers on shipment time to EU countries and US. Normally it takes over 30 days to EU Countries and east coast US. And it takes around 15 days to west coast US.
 (12) How can Ningbo Eastar ensure top quality products for me ?
We have strict quality management system in manufacturing .From material purchasing to mass completion ,we all have special inspectors inspect in each manufacturing process ensuring that only good parts can be delivered to next process. Also we keep closely touch with clients and following important steps can ensure we and our clients are always on the same page :Proofs based on artworks ,Preproduction samples ,mass production samples, mass assembly images and mass progress report.
 (13) Are you able to manufacture all kinds material of game components in the game set?
Sure, almost all kinds material of game components including printing parts, wooden parts ,metal parts, game mat ,etc can be well manufactured here at a reasonable pricing by our rich experience and speciality in printing ,plastic molding ,metal die-casting ,wood forming ,etc.
 (14) What’s your biggest strength in game manufacturing ?
Complete game manufacturing in board game , card game and miniature game, etc are always our biggest strength. By solving the technical manufacturing issues on different material industry and constant applying the latest craft and machinery to game manufacturing , we are confident that top quality can be ensured at a reasonable pricing .
 (15) What if there are defected products upon receipt ?
We have been striving to do “problem free” for every client but there may still be some defected products upon receipt .To well solve the issue, we would normally make extra components and deliver in separate master cartons with mass production .Anyway ,if it turns out that there are more defected products than expected, we would negotiate with clients .
 (16) Can you do wooden box or tin box ?
Yes, they are our strength .The wooden box can be professionally made in our 40000 square metre wooden factory while the tin box can be well made by our long cooperated tin box manufacturing partner who has been manufacturing tin boxes for world’s brands like Coca Cola,Pepsi,etc.

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