Plastics forming


There are mainly 2 ways to create a prototype here: Sculpting and 3D printer .However ,during this process, our artists may require slight adjustment on the details to satisfy the technical requirements of tooling and mass production while ensuring the aesthetics of prototype itself .

1.  Sculpting

For sculpting, normally the sketches from all angles like left, right, front ,back , bottom and top is required to help our experienced sculptors create an excellent mock up in great details as possible .However ,the mock up is made by clay that is not transmittable ,so we would normally make a further prototype in Polyurethane material after confirmation of the clay mock up .For this process ,normally it takes over 2 weeks to complete.

2.  3D printer

Our 3D scanner scans the electronic file and prints the prototype directly with almost same details as  file’s.


Taking consideration of the material ,colors, sizes ,quantity ,details  per each miniature or figure in one set , our molding masters will provide each client with cost-effective tooling solutions in best configuration.After long time testing ,it approves  that our tools have advantages like : Long life Cycle ,great design to ensure less trimming and  low cost .

Test Molding

After molding ,we would  test the mold to get first shots ,by which our clients can confirm if the product is fine for mass production.

Mass material

Mass material is normally already decided before prototyping process .Both of the prototype and tooling manufacturing solutions are made based on one of the key factors :mass material . Normal available mass material are :PP,PS ,PVC ,ABS ,PE ,TPR, Poly-Resin,Urea and PU .Note :Normally the mass material for custom detailed miniature is PVC and the bases are made of ABS .


Based on clients’ requirements, our workers would apply  the most cost-effective crafts to painting .Basically , the personality and beauty can be ensured .

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